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1st Poulner Scout Group have a Multi Activity Center,

The Wall

The design for the wall provides 82 square metres of high quality climbing wall using Entre-prise’s Mozaïk coated wood panel system. The wall offers an 11 independent climbing lines and varies in height from 5.1m to 6.3 metres.

The wall provides the centre with a facility that appeals to climbers with a wide range of abilities and allows for a variety of different climbing techniques to be practiced.

The Mozaïk coated wood panels are used in the construction of this facility. They provide a very versatile climbing surface with a very high density of bolt-on hold placements and a gently textured, high friction coating. Approximately 44 bolt-on hold fixings per square metre are fitted throughout the climbing wall surface to give exceptional flexibility when route setting. The surface coating applied to the wall allows smearing with the feet on the panel surface but is extremely resistant to marking from boot rubber.

The design for the wall also incorporates a variety of angles and features. Vertical and gently overhanging faces are included as well as a hanging slab. Corners, grooves and arêtes add three dimensional interest to the climbing, giving areas where techniques such as bridging may be used.

A selection of macro features are also included with the wall. These add three dimensional interest to otherwise flat sections of the wall and can be quickly and easily moved around to new positions This allows route setters to make more significant changes to the climbing than can be achieved using bolt-on holds alone.


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