Explorer Programme

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Thursdays 19:30 till 21:30PM

Date Activity Location Equipment
Sep 7th Malawi presentation Hall
Sep 14th Search and find Sandpits Head torch
Sat 16th Carnival
Sep 21st hunt, shoot and ? Ogdens car park knife head torch
Sep 28th The rule of 3 Blunts knife head torch
Oct 5th Pizza Hall knife head torch
Oct 12th Leonardo Hall
Oct 20th Friday Bivvy 7:00pm Hall meet Over night Bivvy sat 9am
Oct 26th Half term
Nov 2nd Gang show Hall
Nov 9th Gang show Hall
Nov 12th Remembrance Parade
Nov16th Gang show Hall
Nov 23/24/25 Gang show
Nov 30th Wide games Sandpits Headtorch
Dec 7th Moyles Court Sport waterspash gravel drop off trainers in your hand gym clothes
Dec 14th Xmas party TBA Christmas!!

Notable Dates

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