Ski Trip

Sometimes the Explorers and Scouts go out to Leysin with the leaders on a Ski Adventure. This year there were 12 Explorers and 6 leaders. The snow was in perfect condition but the first few days it was VERY cold [-28c!]. The trip turned out to be a great success.

Taking over the lower ground floor of the Hiking Sheep Guest House we made ourselves at home, we arrived with high hopes and good hearts. The next day we were not disappointed. We spent all day bombing around Leysin, hitting jumps like there was no tomorrow and only stopping to rest on the lifts. I'd say we got our 'skiing legs' back very quickly.

The rest of the week was similar, just changing the scenery as we hopped from mountain to mountain. Never tiring of the same slopes. Sid, Craig, James, Jamie, Colin and Steve our guide strapped on their skiing skins one day and made it to the top of the main peak in Leysin. The view up there was incredible and it was well worth the climb. We skied back down through all the fresh powder, falling over once or twice on the way.

When it was time to go back to the Hiking Sheep, we skied all the way across the fields and then we had just a short walk up the road. Some of us were assigned to prepare or help cook dinner, while the rest relaxed with a game of cards, or reviewing the days Ski video footage. On other evenings we went to the Toboggann Park, tried our hand at Curling and took part in the famous 'Descente' from the Mayen Cafe [skiing down after dark with headtorches lighting our way].

All in all it was a brilliant trip and lots of fun.