Poulner Scout Hall Booking

Poulner Scout Hall on Southampton road is available for bookings mainly at weekends. see bottom of the page for the calendar with the available times


264 Southampton Road
BH24 1JQ

Facilities include

  • Car Park
  • Large Hall to Accommodate Up to 120
  • Refurbished Kitchen
  • Male and Female Toilets
  • Tables, Benches and Chairs
  • Large Outside Garden Space



  • £10 per hour before 6:00pm
  • £15 per hour after 6:00pm

A £50 deposit (usually by cheque) is also payable prior to use of the hall to offset any damage that may occur. This cheque is ripped up if there is no damage after the event.

For further information or booking, please contact:

Neil Dyer
Tel No: 01425 479454
Email: [email protected]

Southampton Road Bookings

This calendar shows events for the next 12 months.