Dear Parents, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers,

I am sure you have all been quite moved by the dreadful news footage we have witnessed over the last few weeks of the terrible Earthquake tragedy in Nepal. One leader at Poulner was so saddened by what he had seen that he felt compelled to do something - on his own, he may struggle to raise a few hundred pounds, but he thought by involving all the youngsters and leaders within the group, he/we could make a real difference to peoples lives that have been devastated. What a GREAT event for the whole group to get involved with too.

The leaders are all 100% behind a big group effort to raise funds, and what better way to raise them than by doing a sponsored climb on our own Climbing Wall. Not only do we hope this will be a real physical challenge for the young people, but it also links very well with Nepal - being the #1 Climbing Mecca on Planet Earth.

We are running the Sponsored Event on Sunday 31st May from 9am til 5.30pm. We would like EVERY child within Poulner Scout Group to take part if possible. With 190 children, all raising £10+, we could easily raise over £2000. We realise that the date is close and many families will already have commitments, but if you are able to let your child attend for ONE hour and collect a few sponsors it will make a real difference to peoples lives I am sure.

Beavers and Cubs are welcome to turn up any time between 9am and 12 noon to take on their challenge. They will have one hour to complete as many climbs as possible. Scouts and Explorers will be welcome any time between 1.30pm and 4.30pm to complete their challenge. We do hope that they will do a minimum of one hour, and perhaps might be able to 1.5 to 2 hours. Mums and Dads are welcome to stay to support. We will be serving refreshments throughout the day. There is of course limited space in the Multi Activity Centre, so numbers may have to be restricted if its is busy. Please also understand that we have limited climbing pitches, and a finite amount of Instructors who can supervise, so at busy times there may be a small delay before getting on the Wall

Sponsorship of individuals can be made per climb, or just as a single amount for their efforts over the duration of their time on the climbing wall. Please download a Sponsor Form here.

We do hope you feel as passionate about this as we do (the leaders) and hope you will be able to support the group and encourage your children to take part.

If your child wishes to take part, then please e-mail your childs section leader and give them an approximate time when you will arrive on the day. Also, if you have any questions/queries please talk to your section leader.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day. We do hope to have local press there - a very newsworthy subject indeed!

In fact, Nepal Scouts are helping out with the relief effort as well.

Kind Regards
Yours in Scouting

Colin Andrews

Download Sponsor Form