The Construction of the MAC

What is this all about?

1st Poulner Scout Group is currently working on a project to build a Multi Activity Centre at its Group Headquarters at Poulner. This will not only benefit the Scout Group, but the wider community in general and in particular local schools. The Centre will include facilities for shooting, archery and also a climbing wall.

Why will this help the community?

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports. It is one that everyone can do, and because it has a sense of danger and adventure, when mastered even at an elementary level, it requires great self discipline and gives a powerful sense of achievement to the young person. At present 1st Poulner Scout Group runs shooting and archery courses during the summer months only. The Activities room will enable these to take place all year long, at a safe and convenient location. These skills will help young people of Ringwood area develop balance and poise, a sense of responsibility, physical fitness and mental strength to become good citizens.

The Project

The project comprises; a room for activities, disabled facilities, toilets and showers and a store room. A separate entrance to the main hall will allow minimal disruption to other activities and maximise access to the facility. A visualisation has been made to get a better idea of the plans for the building.


Since April 2012, £86,000 has been raised through donations and fundraising by the Scouts and parents. A grant of £50,000 has been secured from the New Forest District Council, from the RDPE programme, thus enabling the building work to begin. It is anticipated that the extension will be weatherproof in March and the project and the fundraising work continues.

In order to reach our goal we are looking to local businesses to sponsor the activity centre and that is where you can help. Over the next year we are organising a programme of events (Ringwood Rabbit Run, bag packing at local supermarkets, auctions, quiz nights, social events). At each event details of sponsors will be displayed clearly on posters and display boards. They will also appear on our website and press releases sent out before and after each event. We anticipate not only being able to position your business as 'helping the local community' but also expose its proposition to approximately ten thousand local residents over the next 2 years.

Construction Photos